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WikiSkills in a nutshell: Teach teachers how to use wikis in education! Read more about results and activities going on right now …

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Thus far

WikiSkills is now in its second and final year and I would like to present our results so far. Check, for example, our guidelines to teachers and other kinds of trainers or check out the manual on how to use wikis in educational activities. The plan is to transfer the texts to Wikibooks because they will become even more accessible and better able to be updated – all for results from WikiSkills to be disseminated and put to use, and persist last day of the project. For the survival and further use, it is important to choose the right type of license(eg CC-BY-SA 3.0) and hosting on stable projects like Wikibooks. In fact, many actors in society need hosting of project results on sites that will not blow away from one day to the other. If you then choose to publish your material under a free license, there is often the opportunity to find a suitable place on one of theWikimedia projects. In addition, then also the desired possibility might arise that the material be further developed if new readers choose to contribute to the content.

 In connection with the question of the project WikiSkills potential viability, I would flag that within WikiSkills have been talked about forming a network of experts that will persist after the termination of the project (link to come). Therefore, one wants to get in contact with people who are particularly experienced in wikis and other tools for collaborative culture. If you are interested in developing this potential network there is the possibility to participate in the Geneva event (described below) or in one of our upcoming web meetings. Perhaps it will also be an opportunity to meet in person in Santiago de Compostela to fall.
WikiSkills in a nutshell:
Teach the teachers how to use wikis in education!


Happening now

Right now the project is implementing WikiSkills courses in Switzerland, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece and Sweden. Personally I think these courses are the core of the project. Here in Sweden, Wikimedia Sverige led three two-day WikiSkills courses with a total of 24 enthusiastic participants, mostly teachers. I will be back with a post about the participants’ experiences and how participants are progressing with their newly acquired knowledge in Wikipedia, wikis and how to teach and work with wiki tools.

Next week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 17 to 19 all the partners in the WikiSkills project will meet in Geneva. It is also possible for all who are interested to participate in TEDxGeneva – a TEDx event dedicated wiki culture:

Wikinomics 360 °, how collaborative culture is changing our lifes (sign up here)



”This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication ”WikiSkills – results and current events” reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”

 Wikimedia Sverige is a non-profit association based in Sweden. The association works towards making knowledge freely accessible, especially by supporting Wikipedia and its sister projects. Wikimedia Sverige is one of eight WikiSkills-partners. Contact: Anna Bauer;

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